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May 08, 2014 · How to Hide/Show a Ribbon Menu: MS Access MS Access 2010 has a big stripe of a Menu and command icon for each menu called “Ribbon Menu.” Many menu commands and icons are used for the developer and not needed for the regular users. We can hide those menu and icons by using the Docmd command in the VBA code. Example of MS Access Ribbon Menu Example of Access Ribbon Menu is hidden Put VBA ... Over half of the population lives in poverty. While historically dependent on the export of bananas and coffee, Honduras has diversified its export base to include apparel and automobile wire harnessing/ Nearly half of Honduras's economic activity is directly tied to the US, with exports to the US accounting for 30% of GDP. Population: 9.11 million Excel has better customization options (e.g., the ability to add frequently used commands to the ribbon). Macros in Excel are more powerful than those in Sheets. Excel has more data visualization tools (like pivot charts and SmartArt) than Sheets. Excel has a larger library of templates. Excel offers more text and sheet-formatting options. Open the Excel template and fill it in with your data. You should pay attention to possible duplicates and missed values. eWay-CRM will import only consistent data. Save the Excel file and close it. On the eWay-CRM ribbon, click on the button Import From Excel and select Excel file for import. Alternatively, you can simply drag-and-drop the file.